To remove poverty and over-exploitation
from the surface of the earth
without compromising the current global order


By allowing dual taxation so economic actors can
engage in an international peripheral barter economy


And by allowing the Power to find
balance with the Earth by offering
a new ratio to adjust :
B = [central GDP] / [peripheral GDP]

What is the peripheral economy?

The essence of the peripheral economy is a change in the behavior of all businesses. Instead of offering 100% of their production to be sold against normal (central) currencies, they keep a part of their own production to pay their employees and suppliers (the internal consumption of economic actors).

To do so, businesses receive a "peripheral" credit margin from their local economic system. They can use that credit margin to pay their employees and suppliers. Doing so they go into debt. In order to repay their "peripheral" debt, they have to sell goods or services. 

The peripheral economy will only be able to grow significantly when governments will reduce the tax burden that is collected in central currencies.

It is the International Accreditation Program for Local Economic Systems (IAPLES) that ensures the reliability of the peripheral economy.